2012 Porsche Design Challenge Grand Prize

Our judges, after five rounds of judging in the previous weeks, finally picked a winner: Junggi Sung, whose concept hair dryer would make a sound evoking the engine roar of a 911. Not only was it well done, with a gear-shift schematic detail in the controls and an interesting on/off switch on the plug, it was the only entry we received that considered sound as an important part of the 911's identity.
As Grant Larson, Porsche’s exterior designer, said, "I fell in love with it from day one because it’s so goofy and wacky--so simple and so pure and the way the cord comes out of the tube isn’t like anything else. It’s really well thought out. It had very little description, because it just explained itself. And I think that’s the mark of a good product." Jens Martin Skibsted, the founder of Biomega bikes and a cofounder of design firm KiBiSi, echoed that sentiment, saying, "It’s almost a poetic idea. What I like the most is that it’s smart from a brand-extension viewpoint." And Dror Benshetrit, founder of Studio Dror, appreciated the cleanliness of the design and the simple interactions.


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